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We are super excited to announce that we are now offering Online Baking and Cake Decorating masterclasses, along with our digital download eBook, guides and templates.

For home and hobby bakers, of all levels. Giving you the knowledge and skills you need to create perfect, professional standard cakes with confidence and ease. 


We have had the honour to make thousands of incredible cakes over the years and now we feel its time that we shared our expertise with you.

We have combined over 10 years worth of skills, techniques and professional experience step by step, easy to follow masterclasses, guides, recipes and templates that will teach you how to create structured, flawless finished cakes like a pro.

Our range of masterclasses and digital downloads are designed for bakers and decorators of all levels 


Our downloadable cake pricing guide eBook has everything you need to teach you how to sell your cakes at a price that will actually make you some money! 

We'll show you simple formulas and techniques to cover your expenses, install a profit margin and PAY YOURSELF an income!

up your game and become a skilled, confident, organised baker.

This guide can be downloaded instantly at checkout. No delivery fees no wait time! We spent 10 years cultivating and creating this knowledge so that you can have it in seconds!

Cake Price Guide ebook
Zuko's Academy Masterclasses


Coming soon 

Free Baking Downloads
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