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The Cake Pricing Guide ebook will show you how to Price and Sell your cakes to Actually make some Money.

It's a easy step - by - step guide to follow that will help you understand and cover all your expenses and add enough profit to grow a profitable baking business or side hustle.



5 'DONE FOR YOU' templates for fixed and variable expenses - so you never miss any cost, 

pay/wage sheet - so you can earn some income properly,

profit margin - so your business will make some profit too

Plus full ready to use cake pricing forms that you can use for every order.

And our formula for calcuating expenses - the easy way!


It also includes full descriptions of what expenses to consider (there are so many you havent thought of, trust us)

Different ways to pay yourself

How to understand and include tax

Everything you need to know about profit margins so you don't just cover your costs and labour but actually make some money like big, established businesses.


Every detail of this ebook is simple, easy to understand and follow. Written and produced by bakers for bakers. 

Cake Pricing Guide ebook

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