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Customised Celebration Cakes

Ordering Your Cake

Planning a party? Looking for an extra special cake?

Great! You'll come to the right place. Our customised celebration cakes are the perfect centrepiece for any lavish or special celebration.

We can customise it to reflect your style, highlight your quirky personality traits or represent something that is very dear to you.

Whatever the criteria we will advise you on the best design and size options. 

Our decorating team is extremely talented and we have produced some amazing pieces of art almost too good to eat...almost!


Will it be expensive?

YES! why? Because we put so much time and effort into our cakes. The minimum time spent creating each cake is 2.5 hours. 

We only use ingredients of the highest quality to ensure they taste as good as they look. Our prices - which start at €85 - reflect our standard of product and level of experience.

What we offer is a luxury service and our prices allow us to ensure that is what we deliver

How do I order?

Easy, click the link below to open our contact page where you can complete our bespoke order form. Once we receive it we will tailor some quotes and email them back to you.

This can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week depending on the season.

Once your happy to go ahead we need 30% deposit to hold your booking which can be paid electronically. The final payment can be made on the day of your event.

When should I order?

Basically, ASAP! But really it depends on the cake. For larger complex designs we recommend ordering at least 3 months in advance. During busy seasons like summer or Christmas we book up quickly. To avoid disappointment book as soon as you can but no later than 3 weeks in advance. 

We need enough time to secure your order and order in the necessary ingredients. 

What details do I provide?

This is where you need to do your homework...

Firstly, you need to do a guest count - The size of your cake will depend on how many people your serving

For the design, we will with you liaise to come up with a design that is perfect, suitable to the cake size and within your budget.

Before ordering we recommend scrolling through Pinterest, Google or Instagram, save some photos of designs you like to give us a clear idea of your vision.


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