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The Wedding Cake Experience 

Bespoke Wedding cake design in Dublin

You got engaged? Congratulations!

We're so excited to be a part of this journey with you.

Your wedding will probably be the biggest celebration you ever plan in your life and we are here to help you do it right!

You are a unique couple and your wedding cake should reflect that. Not only will it be the centrepiece of the room but a focal point for all your guests - and photographer!

So if there is one element to spare no expense with then it should be your wedding cake!

We have a 3 step process to achieving the perfect bespoke wedding cake

  1. Submit your form - Click the link below to fill out our consultation form. Fell free to include any inspiration images or links  you may have. 

  2. Your design - Once we’ve reviewed your form we will create 3 design and quote options tailored for you. After a quick phone call from our team to discuss your design you'll be excited and ready to take the next step. 

  3. Flavour tasting - When your happy with your design, comfortable with your quote, we'll ask for a 30% deposit. Then issue your complimentary tasting box with your choice of 4 flavours from our menu.

Boho chic small wedding cake with dried flowers

Wedding Cake Price Guide 

Ganache Finish 

·       2 tier - €310

·       3 tier - €440

·       4 tier - €595

·       5 tier - €790

Fondant Finish 

·       2 tier - €355

·       3 tier - €470

·       4 tier - €675

·       5 tier - €920

What is ganache?

Ganache is a frosted finish which we make ourselves using fresh Irish cream and premium Belgian chocolate. It creates an authentic smooth finish and delicious taste. It is more resilient than buttercream and better suited to sitting out for longer periods

What is fondant?

Fondant is a form of icing which is rolled out (like pastry) and applied with care over the cake. It creates a smooth crisp finish and the ability to create beautiful colour combination effects like marble and texture effects like concrete.

Sugar Flowers

A bouquet of sugar flowers begins at €102. Consisting of 2-3 large flowers, stems and foliage. All our sugar flowers are made by hand using a specialist gum-paste to create a perfect floral replica.

Sugar Figures

Sugar figures can be a light hearted way of making your wedding cake more personal. Adding sugar figures, be it people or animals to your cake start at €50 per figure


Wedding Gallery
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Get a Bespoke Wedding Cake Quote

Thanks for submitting! Our team will be in touch soon with your quote. Please note it may take several days to process requests during busier periods.

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