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Cake Makers in Dublin

About Zuko's Bakery

Hey there! We are Holly and Lorraine Ryan. We’re the founders, bakers, cake decorators and artistic minds behind Zuko’s. We created the concept for Zuko’s Bakery in 2017 when we decided to combine our love of baking, art and people.

Holly has a background in culinary arts and a passion for creative design. Her aunt Lorraine has years of experience in social care, holistic therapy and an artistic flare.

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Our ultimate vision for Zuko’s is simply to make people happy.

We want to offer a service that would allow us to use our creativity to create something not only visually beautiful but edible & delicious at the same time.

With a product range diverse enough to ensure we have something to offer for every style.

We’re not just in the ‘baking’ industry. We are in the celebration industry and no celebration is complete without cake

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